The Surrounding Area

Bainbridge Island is at the hub of the maritime Northwest. Within easy reach is skiing in the Cascade or Olympic mountains, combing the Pacific Ocean beaches, weekends in the San Juan Islands, or visits to Victoria and Vancouver in Canada.

Seattle and Vicinity

Most island residents become thoroughly familiar with all Seattle has to offer — the full gamut of musical offerings from grunge to opera, an abundance of theaters, galleries and museums, major sports teams, vital downtown core shopping, excellent schools and universities. This is a thriving, growing city that is only 35 minutes by ferry from Bainbridge.

Kitsap Peninsula

Surrounded by the shellfish-rich Hood Canal and Puget Sound, the peninsula offers views of the Olympics so breathtaking, you feel as if you are at the base of the mountains. Naval bases on the peninsula are just a short drive from Bainbridge Island, a plus for retired military personnel who wish to take advantage of their commissary and medical perquisites.

Olympic Peninsula

Embraced on three sides by sea water, this peninsula is noted for Victorian Port Townsend, the protected inland sea of Hood Canal, the vast wilderness of the Olympic Mountains and rain forest, and the coastal zone of the Pacific.

Port Townsend

Rich in history, this city’s economic vitality has come full circle. Marine trades have once again become the focus of major development, and the city has gained an international reputation as a builder of wooden sailing vessels. If you enjoy Victorian homes and 1880’s brick and stone public and commercial buildings, the 44-mile trip takes you over the Hood Canal and through pastoral valleys for a one-hour drive.

San Juan Islands

Almost half of these 457 islands are large enough to have been named, and they have been a spectacular boating and touring destination for decades. They are home to numerous pods of Orca “killer” whales, boast 15 peaks over 1,000 feet, and take years to explore.

Vancouver, British Columbia

An entirely different experience from Victoria, sophisticated and cosmopolitan Vancouver is endowed with one of the world’s most memorable settings. It has become such an international city that English is now the first language in less than half of Vancouver’s homes.

Victoria, British Columbia

This more-British-than-Britain city can be accessed so easily from Bainbridge that our students take day trips there. Everything that you have ever heard about the pride homeowners take in their gardens is absolutely true — there’s no place quite like Victoria in the Spring.