The Buying Process

If this is your first home, or you haven’t been involved in real estate transactions in the last ten to fifteen years, you will find that much has changed in fulfilling an Agreement to purchase. The process is considerably more complicated than ever before, but it also offers more protection for all participants. Use the Morgage Calculator to determine your monthly payment based on today’s rates. This is one of the primary reasons for selecting a sales agent who knows the ropes and puts your interests at the forefront.

Planning Your Relocation

Whether you’re moving within, in, or out of the Pacific Northwest, Windermere affiliations give you immediate access to more than 2,000 offices in 450 North American markets, as well as branch affiliations in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Israel, South America and Europe.

Steps in the Buying Process

I provide a 12-page pamphlet outlining the buying process, including tips for your search, home inspections, property evaluations, home financing, and answers to often-asked questions.

Moving Tips

This is an equally extensive pamphlet which considers and includes a checklist, packing tips, change of address reminders, the transport of house plants and pets, moving companies, environmental issues, and an arrival-survival checklist.

Newcomer’s Package

This is a comprehensive compilation of information that will provide you with a very good sense of what life can be like on Bainbridge Island.

Windermere Bridge Loan

You don’t have to risk losing your chosen new home while waiting for your own property to sell. A bridge loan from the Washington Loan Company lets you buy real estate when you find it. By making an offer on a home without a House Sale Contingency, you are in a stronger negotiating position and your offer is more likely to be accepted and close quickly.

Property Disclosure Statement

Within five business days of a written and fully signed Purchase and Sale Agreement, the seller must complete and make available to the purchaser a Real Property Transfer Disclosure Statement consisting of 60 items that have been deemed universally relevant to the fair transfer of real property. I will be available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding this important document.

Language Interpreters

If you, or a friend, need the assistance of an interpreter, please Contact Me, as we have interpreters for 54 languages, as well as American Sign Language.