Planning Your Relocation

Anyone who has ever moved can attest that there’s alot more to it than just loading the furniture and turning in a change of address card at the Post Office.

Whether accepting a new job or transferring within a company, an employee involved in a corporate move has a variety of concerns: a spouse’s career, schools for the kids, buying a home — to name just a few. Often these issues must be managed in a very short period of time.

From a company’s point of view, getting the new employee quickly situated, happy and productive is paramount. However, most human resources executives don’t have the time or means to personally assist with the details. As corporate and employee needs evolve, an external source can save the day, meeting company objectives and supporting transferees.

Experts say one way to do this is to focus on the process of relocating and becoming involved with the transferee as soon as possible. That’s when the sales staff of Windermere Real Estate / Bainbridge Island can provide key assistance to help the parties involved.

In addition to home finding assistance, the sales associate working with you provides personalized attention to meet any special requirements a transferring family may have. Our goal is to ensure that good, objective information is given in order for moving employees to make important decisions.

Employees and companies of all sizes and types can benefit from this assistance. Everyone agrees that for companies recruiting or transferring people, comprehensive relocation services can make a move less painful. But, for the individual facing the move and making important decisions quickly, relocation assistance can mean the difference between trauma and triumph in their new job.