Financial Considerations

I would like to use this section to introduce you to Windermere’s bridge loan and the many excellent mortgage companies on the island.

Capital Gains Tax

The new capital gains tax law is quite extensive in scope and is very complicated. However, this link will take you to several questions and answers that cover the areas of interest which most homeowners should consider before making decisions on the sale of their residences.

Windermere Bridge Loan

This type loan from the Washington Loan Company lets you buy real estate when you find it. It gives you a stronger negotiating position by enabling you to make an offer on a home free of a House Sale Contingency, so your offer is more likely to be accepted and close quickly. Best of all, you don’t have to risk losing your new home while waiting for your own property to sell.

Mortgage Companies

In determining who you will use as a lender, it will be helpful that you choose one that has experience with Bainbridge Island, because we have some peculiarities that cities don’t, e.g., drainfields, septic tanks, wells, etc.